Apex Paramedics provides emergent and non-emergent ALS and BLS ambulance services to the Denver metro-area market. We employ only the best and brightest, use only state-of-the-art equipment, including a fleet of brand new Mercedes Sprinters, and build partnerships with healthcare providers interested in quality of medicine, compassionate care, and transparency.


As a management team, and as a company, Apex Paramedics strives for a culture of transparency and honesty: where people are as comfortable confronting issues as they are bringing ideas to the table; where people discuss and address what affects them most. It is a core value we extend beyond our team and into the interactions we have with our community and our partners.


The Apex Paramedics group is honest and accountable in our business and in the interactions and support we provide our community. We are a team of individuals willing to take ownership of our actions and decisions. We are focused on learning, developing, and growing our business and our relationship with you.


Service is not limited to customer service—it includes the service of our business, our management, our employees, and most importantly, our community involvement. Apex Paramedics is a team of individuals who believe service goes beyond simply taking care of customers; it is the way we approach life.